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Brake Repairs

It is recommended to have regular brake checks as they are one of the most important car components regarding safety. Our technicians are fully qualified and therefore competent to deal with all kinds of brake related issues on all makes and models of vehicles. If in doubt visit our brake repairs and servicing garage at Fontwell, Arundel, Chichester.

Is your car suffering from any of these symptoms?

  • Difficulty slowing down
  • Grinding noises
  • Squealing noises
  • Pulsating feeling through the brake pedal
  • Change of direction when operating the brakes
  • Brake warning alarms

We are able to diagnose and repair any type of braking fault. So if you are in any doubt about the efficiency of your brakes bring your car to us ASAP. Above all never take chances with your brakes. Visit our brake repairs and servicing unit at Discount MOT Services Fontwell.  We even offer a free safety check service.

We service a wide area including Arundel, Chichester, Bognor Regis and Littlehampton

Car brake repairs Arundel Chichester

Car Brake Servicing

Brake Pads & Brake Shoes

Brake pads and brake shoes require replacement from time to time. Every time that you slow down they wear down just a little bit. Usually you will hear a strange sound if they are worn down. When they are very badly worn this will turn into a grinding sound. Get to a garage ASAP for brake repairs or servicing.

Your car or van should be equipped with a sensor that transmits an alert when your brake pads are worn out and need to be changed. As soon as you see or hear a brake warning you should get to Discount MOT Services for a free safety check.  The longer you leave it the more likelihood of a larger repair bill. For example if the brake pads wear down below a certain point they begin to damage the disc that they grip to slow you down.

Brake Fluid

Most vehicles us pipes with brake fluid in them to activate the braking system. If this fluid leaks out you will eventually lose the ability to stop your vehicle. Also there are various seals that keep the fluid in the system. These need servicing and replacing from time to time. The brake fluid also needs to be replaced at the appropriate service intervals. If you see any signs of fluid leaking from the wheels get to Discount MOT Services brake repairs and servicing garage at Fontwell, Arundel.


TIP – If you do lose all your brake fluid and cannot stop you can also use the handbrake. Your handbrake is certainly designed to stop your car in an emergency. Of course this means that you should keep your handbrake in good condition. Electronic hand brakes require specialist equipment. We have all the tools and expertise to service electronic hand brakes at our brake repairs and servicing unit.

Anti lock braking systems (ABS)

Many modern vehicles have a system that allows you to brake very hard without locking up the wheels. Once the wheels are no longer turning when you are still in motion they cease to be efficient at slowing you down or steering. Anti lock brakes are therefore an important part of vehicle safety and are included in our brake servicing.



  • All types and makes

  • Disc pads replaced

  • Replace brake shoes

  • Replace brake fluid

  • Service brake system

  • Electronic hand brake specialists

  • Check brake warning systems

  • Check ABS systems

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Brake Repairs

We offer brake repairs and servicing for all types and makes of brakes including electronic hand brakes.

Brake Servicing

Regular brake servicing is highly recommended. Regular servicing can save you money in the long run.

Free Safety Check

Are you concerned about the condition of your brakes? Don’t risk it. Come in for a free check up.


If you are not happy with the stopping distance of your car you probably need new brake pads or shoes. Other tell tale signs include strange squeaking or grinding noises when you apply the brakes. If in any doubt please come in for a free safety check.

This depends to a large extent on the way you drive. If you brake heavily all the time you will consequently suffer extra brake wear. If your vehicle is full or you carry heavy loads then this will add to brake wear. To extend the life of your brake pads try and brake smoothly. Additionally emove unnecessary weight from your boot. Also have your vehicle serviced regularly. When having brake repairs always fit quality parts.

Most cars have the engine at the front of the car. This means it is heavier at the front than the back. Also when you brake the weight transfers to the front. All this means that the front brakes are generally doing a lot more work than the back ones. It is not unusual for the front brakes to wear up to 3 times faster than rear brakes.

ABS stands for anti lock brakes. This system keeps your wheels turning under braking. When you are trying to brake, if the wheels lock up, they do not slow you down efficiently. This is called a skid and steering becomes almost impossible. If you car is fitted with ABS the best way to brake as fast as possible is to press the brake pedal hard and maintain constant pressure on it. The ABS system will take care of the rest. Brake repairs and servicing will ensure that this system is working properly.

Brake discs are round shiny discs attached to the wheels of your car. You can usually see them through your wheels. The brake pads are squeezed onto these discs and this consequently slows down your vehicle. Needless to say they can get very hot when undergoing hard braking. If they get too hot they become less efficient. For this reason it is recommended to select a lower gear when descending steep hills. This reduces the amount of work required by the brakes. Proper brake repairs and servicing will ensure that your brake discs are in good shape.

Brake calipers are used to squeeze the brake pads onto the brake discs. When you push the brake pedal brake fluid is pushed to the calipers to make them squeeze the discs. They can therefore exert very high force to the brake pads.

Brake fluid is a very special liquid used in your brake system. When you push the brake pedal it forces the brake fluid down pipes to the brake calipers. The fluid must therefore be able to apply great pressure under a variety of conditions. Brake fluid must also be able to withstand great heat as well as freezing cold. The fluid needs to be replaced from time to time. Brake repairs and servicing will ensure that it is in tip top condition. Furthermore it is very important that this fluid does not leak from any part of the brake system. If you see fluid leaking at the wheels this may be brake fluid so get to a garage ASAP.

The brake fluid in your braking system is vital for efficient braking. Importantly if there are any air bubbles or pockets of air in the system it reduces the force applied to the brakes. This can therefore be very dangerous. In short the process of bleeding the brakes ensures that there are no air pockets of bubbles in the brake system. If your brake peddle feels spongy then you might need to have your brakes bled. Pop in for a free safety check if in doubt.



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