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Is your engine running smoothly? We provide expert engine tuning and engine diagnostics in the Arundel, Bognor Regis, Chichester area at our Fontwell garage. For many people a tuned car is simply one which runs at peak efficiency. This is achieved by a full service and adjustment to factory specifications.

For others the aim is to get their vehicle running and performing better than originally intended. Due to the conservative settings used by manufacturers and low cost manufacturing methods, there are lots of methods for improving your engine’s performance.

These methods can also be used to maximise economy by pushing the engine into its most efficient range. The Crypton tuning machine is used to run a diagnostic check on older vehicles to show up faults.

We service a wide area including Arundel, Chichester, Bognor Regis and Littlehampton

Engine tuning Arundel Chichester

Engine Tuning & Diagnostic – Crypton and Sun Machines

At Discount MOT Services we have the latest engine diagnostic equipment. These help to ensure that we can offer the best engine tuning possible. We can also check that your vehicle’s own systems are working properly.

Our Crypton 450 can tune both petrol and diesel engines. We also have a Crypton Kudos as well as 2 Sun Machines which are used to check emissions.

We also have a full range of scanners made by Sun, Snap on and the very powerful Autel which can re-program many settings and keys. These are used mostly now to diagnose faults on modern hi-tech vehicles.

Dyno Tuning

If you require extreme performance we can arrange dyno tuning. We use the services of IKEngineering- recognised as the number 1 in the UK.

Autel Engine Tuning - Engine Diagnostics Arundel
Crypton Engine Tuning Arundel Chichester Bognor Regis
Snap On Engine Tuning Arundel Chichester
Sun engine tuning - Sun engine diagnostics - Arubdel, Chichester, Bognor Regis

Engine Diagnostics

Engine diagnostics can help us determine how your engine is running. This helps us with engine tuning.

Engine Tuning

Engine tuning can increase performance and save money on fuel. It can also help pass your MOT test.

Free Health Check

With all our services we always give your vehicle a once over completely free of charge.


If your car is running badly or produces smoky emissions you should run engine diagnostics. This will help our mechanics to pinpoint the problem. Some people like to have a regular check up to maintain optimum efficiency. If any warning light appear on your dashboard get to Discount MOT Services ASAP for a free check up.

There are many settings which effect how your engine runs. With engine tuning we can make adjustments to ensure that you machine is running efficiently. Engine tuning can also increase performance beyond the manufacturers standard settings.

The ECU is the Engine Control System. Most modern engines have an ECU. It is a mini computer that can control many aspects of how your engine performs under different conditions. If it goes wrong you need a garage with specialist equipment to reset it.

Engine mapping is a series of settings controlled by the vehicle’s ECU. The Engine Control Unit can be remapped to give better performance. Often manufacturers set them to accommodate all kinds of driving conditions and fuels. For example UK fuel standards are high and the settings can be altered to specifically suit this higher grade of fuel.

Most definitely. The more efficiently your engine performs the less energy it needs to carry out its tasks. It is also environmentally healthy because a well tuned engine not only uses less fuel but it puts out fewer emissions. A well running engine will also last longer. The engine parts perform better and replacement times can be extended.



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