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Gearbox Repairs

Manual gearbox repairs

Manual gearboxes require the use of a clutch as well as selecting each gear by moving the gear lever.

  • Are you hearing a strange noise coming from the gearbox?
  • Do you hear a squealing noise when you accelerate?
  • Do you find it hard to change gear?
  • Is there fluid leaking under the car?
  • When you accelerate does the engine go faster but the car does not?

These are all signs that something is wrong with your gearbox and / or clutch system.

The good news is that many manual gearboxes and clutch systems can be repaired. They also have adjustments that can be made to compensate for wear. Certainly they need to be inspected regularly. If in doubt – drop in and we will take a look at your vehicle. We have all the tools necessary and lots of experience.

We service a wide area including Arundel, Chichester, Bognor Regis and Littlehampton

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South Coast Minis gearbox repairs

We are one of the UK’s leading specialists for classic mini gearbox repairs

Automatic Gearbox repairs

Automatic gearboxes do not need a clutch so only a brake and accelerator pedals are necessary. Basically you just select Drive, Reverse or Park. Most modern vehicles are fitted with automatic gearboxes.

  • Are there problems when the gearbox changes gear?
  • Does the car struggle to get going?
  • Is there fluid underneath the car?
  • Do you have any warning lights on the dashboard?

These are all signs that something is wrong. You should get your car checked immediately.

Automatic gearbox repairs are more complicated. There are less parts that can be adjusted, repaired or replaced. Luckily we have you covered because we can fit replacement automatic gearboxes. We use VEGE reconditioned gearboxes.


  • Repair Gearboxes

  • Replace Gearboxes

  • Check Gearboxes

  • Check Fluid Levels

  • Check Fluid Types

  • 4WD Gearboxes

  • Classic Mini Specialists

VEGE reconditioned gearboxes - Arundel, Chichester

Gearbox Repairs

We can repair many parts of manual gearboxes. You should have your automatic gearbox serviced regularly. We only use new parts and our work is fully guaranteed.

Gearbox Replacement

We have a very good supply of top quality and fully guaranteed refurbished gearboxes if that is the best solution. Replacement is often the best option for damaged automatic gearboxes.

Free Health Check

With all our services we always give your vehicle a once over completely free of charge.


Apart from classic MINI gearboxes we use VEGE reconditioned and refurbished gearboxes. We only fit high quality and these are the best.

VEGE reconditioned engines - Fontwell garage, Arundel, Chichester

In theory you can. However by doing so your repair bill might rise significantly especially if bits of metal are getting detached within the gearbox. You should get your vehicle to our gearbox repair services ASAP. We will soon tell you your best options.

That depends on the make of your vehicle and the extent of damage. On high end machines the costs can rise significantly. Regular servicing and checking is the best solution.

On automatic gearboxes the most common cause is low fluid levels. This might also occur if the wrong grade or type of automatic gearbox fluid is used.

For manual gearboxes the problem will almost certainly be a worn out or badly adjusted clutch unit.

For a manual gearbox making smooth changes will help. Using aggressive engine braking can put extra stress on the gearbox.

For automatic gearboxes

  1. Don’t let you vehicle overheat.
  2. Maintain proper fluid levels.
  3. Change the fluid when required – see manufacturers handbook.
  4. Use the correct fluid type for your make and model of vehicle.
  5. Accelerate smoothly.
  6. Try not to brake aggressively.
  7. Always use the park brake when Park is selected on the gearshift.
  8. Try not to use the downshift in order to slow down.



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