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Suspension Repairs

The front suspension is more complicated because it has to accommodate the turning of the wheels when steering the vehicle. Suspension repairs therefore also cover steering repairs. The rear suspension can become damaged by excessive loads or towing.

Does the front of your car dip when you brake?  Is it hard to control the car with strong side winds? Maybe it just feels like it is handling badly. Ether way you might have faulty suspension or steering.

Your car’s suspension system is a detailed network of cooperating parts. They are designed to give your vehicle a smooth, even and stable ride. Damaged suspension will also impact on the braking performance of your vehicle.  The suspension and steering take a lot of abuse as they absorb the bumps and turns. It is no wonder, therefore, that these parts wear out and sometimes break. If your car doesn’t seem to ride like it used to, you might require some steering and suspension repairs.

We service a wide area including Arundel, Chichester, Bognor Regis and Littlehampton

Suspension repairs Arundel Chichester Bognor Regis

Suspension repairs save accidents

If your car’s suspension is not repaired it might well lead to a very serious car accident. You might find there is a minor fault that needs fixing or a small part that needs replacing to make your vehicle safe. It really isn’t worth taking the risk!

Any suspension work carried out on your car needs to be done using specialist equipment by fully trained mechanics. All suspension parts replaced need to be of high quality to ensure a reliable repair.

For complete peace of mind why not arrange to bring your vehicle to Discount MOT Services Fontwell garage for a suspension check.  It is part of our free vehicle health check. We can perform a diagnostic check on your suspension system. Our mechanics will check all aspects of your car suspension and steering to see where the fault lies. They will then diagnose the suspension problem and provide you with a solution that will be cost effective and ensure the vehicle is roadworthy and legal.

If you need repairs by a professional garage in Arundel or the Chichester, Bognor Regis area then contact us today. A trained technician will discuss the problems and book you in with no obligation.



If you are suffering from any of these symptoms please contact a garage ASAP for a safety check.

  • Vehicle pulls to one side.

  • Wheel wobble and vibration.

  • Excessive pitching or rolling around corners or during braking.

  • Tyres worn on inside and outside edges.

  • Excessive play in steering.

Rear Suspension repairs Arundel Bognor Regis Littlehampton

Suspension Repairs

We can repair all types of suspension including active – electronically controlled – suspension

Steering Repairs

We can repair all kinds of steering including all the power assisted designs. Whether you need regular servicing or repair please contact us.

Free Health Check

Healthy steering and suspension are critical to vehicle safety. Don’t take risks. Come in for a free check up.


Most vehicles have one shock absorber fitted for each wheel. Shock absorbers are a very important part of your car’s suspension. They not only absorb the shocks from bumps in the road but they also keep the car stable when cornering. They reduce the rolling of the vehicle. If you are suffering from excessive rolling in the bends then you might require new shock absorbers as part of your suspension repairs. shock absorbers are a vital part of the braking performance of your car.

The coil springs on a car compress to absorb the impact from bumps in the road. They work in conjunction with the shock absorbers to maintain a comfortable and stable ride. They are an important part of maintaining a roadworthy vehicle.

Not only is it illegal to do so it is also very dangerous to drive a car with a broken spring. Regardless of how small the break it will seriously effect the suspension, steering and braking. Contact us ASAP and we will sort it out for you.

Suspension bushes are rubbery inserts that help to absorb shocks. They are used where some of the moving parts of the steering and suspension come together. They are an important part of the suspension and steering and must be maintained in good condition.

A steering rack is the method by which turning the steering wheel causes the wheels to steer. They are usually power assisted in modern cars. This adds pressure to the turning mechanism using high pressure fluids.

Firstly of course you will find it hard to turn the steering wheel. If you see leaking power steering fluid this is also a sure sign of a problem. You might also hear a grinding sound when operating the steering. Some drivers notice a smell of burning oil. Steering and suspension are directly linked to vehicle safety. If in any doubt please don’t risk it. Pop in for a free check up.



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